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RABS Group is one of the industry leaders in Asphalt Laying and Road Profiling. RABS has the commitment to provide it's customers the highest level of quality and service.

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RABS Group commenced in 2003 as RABS Sweeping Services. In July 2010 RABS Group formed which today is now made up of RABS Paving Services and RABS Profiling Services. At present RABS currently holds multiple Council and State Road Authority resurfacing contracts and RABS is considered one of the industry leaders in this market sector.

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RABS Paving Services provides its customers with the highest levels of quality and services.

RABS Profiling Services is known for providing the industry with high quality Profiling services.

RABS Group provides state of the art equipment and asphalt materials transport to the Asphalt industry.

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